Changes to P->NET...
13 December 1996 Been fiddling with includes today to change the look of the pages yet again. I'm still not completely happy with it, but I think that color-wise I'm getting there. This dark grey is something I like. Now I should fiddle to get rid of the border around the lot and then I think it can live unattended for a while.
29 November 1996 Pinched Kirths 'guided tour' idea, but of course with a much prettier image as icon. I may add more pages to it later, but for the time being just the personal stuff seems fine.
28 November 1996 I felt like fiddling with the site setup and think I have a kinda cool look at the moment. No color, hardly any images and still 'different'. I like it.
25 November 1996 P->NET is born.
4 November 1996 I decided it was about time I added some content to the site and found a good way to have diverse information to read.

29 October 1996 Well, since I'm running a quake server and patching it happily I suppose that adding a Quake Server page is quite a nice idea. It'll keep people informed of the patches I run and gibe me the opportunity to fiddle with Photoshop some more.

11 October 1996 I pinched Kirths script which checks if a page is updated or not and whacked it in my pages. Pretty good change, I think. Prehaps I'll change the image a bit, but not unless I have quite some time to spare.

I also started checking links and removed the ones that were not working anymore or were just plain useless.

10 October 1996 I added the ribbon page and started a 'ribbon online' campaign of my own.

9 October 1996 I changed the 'Latest News' section into the 'About' section and added the changes and creation pages.

8 October 1996 I worked all evening to get the rest of the pages online too and deleted the old ones to make sure I wasn't going to quit halfway through. I added this page and am very happy with the result of the metamorhposis.

7 October 1996 Today I got the creeps and needed to change my webpages pronto. I started on 'em too late to finish them, but I did create a new look and layout.

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