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On december 2nd 1995 I set off to pay a visit to the land Down Under. I arrived there two days later and stayed for three months.
Of course I did some sight-seeing, but since I didn't travel all that much I didn't see too much of the country. Well, next time I go there (soon, I hope) I'll make sure I get around a bit more. What I did see though, I photographed, and some of those photographs I scanned.

I attended a BBS Netnic (Internet Addicts Picnic) in Melbourne and someone just told me that the pics are online, so you might wanna have a look at those and see some real australians.

On the imagemap below, the sites I photographed are marked and clickable. Just follow a link and you'll either get a more detailed map of the area or photos. The photos are thumbnailed (average 8 Kb) so people with relatively slow links can decide which ones they would like to see.

For the future, my first change to these pages will be to scan the photos in color. When that is done, I want to add more tourist information to them, so you can have a look at where you might be going and get some info about it.
[imagemap: Map of Australia]

And here are the sites in a list for the graphically impared:

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