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This page contains the stuff I found in my fridge whilst heating up a can of baked beans at 2 am on april 13th. I sat down in front of the fridge with a sheet of paper to write it all down, ignoring the smell. I don't yet know when I'm gonna clean the fridge, which has started lurking beyond Douglas Adams' wildest dreams, but my roommates say I should do it yesterday. I'll keep you posted.

For people with weak stomachs it might be wise to go back to my homepage now without reading or glancing or looking at the list below.
I will not accept resonsibility for the effects this list might have on you, nor will I respond to threats made by the health-department (or the fridge itself). It was my (involuntary) choice to own this fridge and now it and its contents might be a threat to the environment, but it's mine and it will stay mine!

One empty lemonade bottleexpiry date: October 1996
One litre of molten ice-cream (vanilla)expiry date: May 1996
One bottle of salad dressingexpiry date: September 1994
One empty ketchup bottleexpiry date: January 1997
One empty superhot-ketchup bottleexpiry date: Not readable
Half a carton of orange juiceexpiry date: April 1995
One empty lemonade canexpiry date: Not readable
Two 1.5-litre cartons of milkexpiry date: December 22nd 1994
expiry date: December 24th 1994
One jar of sandwich spread with no lid on itexpiry date: December 1995
One 0.5-litre carton of milk (unopened)expiry date:January 7th 1995
150 grammes of rotted bacon (still wrapped)expiry date:March 1st 1995
One horrible smell
Fungus(at least 7 different species)
I've calculated that for the money I spent on these items I could've bought 136 camel filter cigarettes. It might have been wiser of me if I had done so...
The beans tasted great.

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