[guided tour] My friends on the net...

Meet Donna Benjamin, my wife. Although I live in Holland I have managed to get married to an Australian woman. Don't ask me how I did it, I'm not quite sure. Anyway, she's got a homepage here too, which she set up when she last visited me. Yup, it's my turn to go to Australia next.
I could talk about her for hours, but really, you should have a look at her pages for yourself.

'But if you don't live with you wife in Australia, where do you live then?' Well, in Enschede, probably the most boring city in Holland, and possibly on the planet. Coz it's a bit expensive to pay rent on my own I got a housemate, Marco van Hylckama Vlieg who is currently working on his CRAP homepage and doing a pretty good job at it. I was in doubt about whether or not I should put him on this page, coz he tried to steal my coffeemug once.
And anyone that knows me the slightest bit knows that that's not something people should try to pull on me; my coffee(mug) is sacred.
Marco is also not a single man anymore, he's got a girlfriend: Marieke who drops by every now and then when I'm not good enough for him anymore.

But what would a household be without furniture? Precisely: incomplete. Therefore, let me introduce you to some of our appliances:

  • The toaster. A mean black machine dying of breadcrumb-infestation.
  • The answering machine. Usually informing callers of current yoghurt prices.
  • The very uncool, sleeping toilet-seat warmer. You probably don't believe this, but I have a .mov file to back me up on this. ( 432 Kb ).
  • The fridge and the frog that seems to live in or under it.
  • The vacuum cleaner. It just sucks.
  • Addie-Waddie, who wrote a cool story. He thinks I know a bit about html, just have a read at what he told me...

    *** eXpress Message from Carey to Cafuego at (15:19) ***
    peter, iwant to be your protoge, and i want you to be my mentor. then i wnat to have a deranged schoolgirl crush on you, which you will never respond to, then i want to slash my wrists with a plastic fork, eventually dying in hospital from lovesickness and you none the wiser. that's the kind of healthy relationship i'm looking for. teach me everything you know, master yoda.

  • The toilet brush. Smelly and typically dutch.

Of course I got more friends, otherwise devoting an entire page to them would be slightly silly, so I'll introduce you to them too. First there's Michel. He's the main programmer for Monolith BBS and a mean Sniper drinker. He usually resides in my comfy chair or on the floor next to it, on a very camp orange blanket.

Then there's Henri, a doomsday Goth Machine. He takes care of security around this site and I must say he does a damned good job at it. He's also the one that introduced everyone to Sniper, and we should thank him for that daily. Not that we do, but we should.

Next victim is Martijn. He's moving out of Enschede soon, but should be back often to go out drinking with the rest of us, coz Sniper is available in Enschede only.

And now I'd like you to meet The Holy Photographer Bertil, who has put a lot of his photos online. He and his camera are always ready to capture almost anything.

Johan is the big butterfly guy around here and probably very interested in the Daily Babe Test! Yes, he's only got two things on his mind: babes and butterflies. Oh, ladies? He is single though and looks very sexy in Mafioso Outfit.

Mud alert! Geert is an addicted and notorious mudder who keeps occupying this server. if you want the keyboard and this guy is in the house you'd better go and make coffee, coz it'll take him at least half an hour to get off this mud.

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