[guided tour] Welcome to P->NET...

This is P->NET, a personal altar and shameless advertisement site dedicated to myself and my interests, as well as a display for my cultural heritage.

For navigation around the site, a list of links is displayed to the right of each page. Just click and you are off. If the list disappears, you have left P->NET.

As you can see, this list consists of four main categories. I'm not saying this way of listing them is perfect, but I haven't received any complaints yet so either it's too scary to look at or it just works.

Another way of having a look is taking the guided tour by following the small icon or 'guided tour' text on the top of the pages. This will show you the pages that tell a bit about me and then bring you back here.

Every now and again you will probably run into something which has no obvious reason for existing, let alone exist on these pages. Those things just got here without anyone knowing how.

Peter Lieverdink - November 28th 1996.

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