'Pick A Ribbon'...

Since everyone's always so politically correct I'll whack all these ribbons and whatnot on just one page to prevent myself from being sued on the grounds of not supporting every organization in the world.

--> Free Speech Online!

I hate censorship.

--> Red Ribbon Net

I hate AIDS.

--> Light for life Foundation

I hate suicide.

--> Child Find Canada

I hate finding children.

--> Save Alana!

I hate leukemia!

--> The Purple Ribbon Campaign

I hate online boredom and Norm Peterson.

--> Black Ribbon Online Campaign

I hate fucking sheep.

--> The Fluffy Llama Colour Ribbon Campaign

I hate suppression.

And now I have an appeal of my own: the 'No Ribbon Online Campain'. Send me ca$h to support myself and don't put the ribbon on your webpages. Thank you.

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