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On a beautiful day, the 20th of july Donna and I had planned to get handfasted. The spot we chose was near an old oak tree beside which there was a small chapel.

It began with the priestess invoking the spirits of earth, moon, sun and stars and addressing all present and asking them to help create positive energy. Then it was time for the vows which Donna and I had prepared. I must say that Donna did hers in both english and dutch, which quite impressed me. Next in the ceremony was the sharing of wine. After everyone had a sip it was time for the two witnesess to tie our hands together. Donna and I finally got to kiss and eternalised our tied hands and rings.

Before the feast started everyone lit a candle in the small chapel which made a very pretty picture. I was getting pretty hungry by then, but of course we still needed some good wedding pictures which were taken near the tree and in front of the corn field.

Then the time for the feast had come and everyone dug in real good. Of course our priestess had to taste that wonderful pie Bertil made. Donna and I managed not to mess up our clothes too badly when feeding eachother. To let the food settle and cool down a bit in the breeze we used our blindfolds as flags.

Now, what does a bride do after she gets married? Of course she runs off with another woman. (Who ever said I married a normal person?) Once I managed to get her back it was time to sneak off for a few kisses, but I must say that you should always avoid getting caught.

Finally everyone got rounded up for a group photo and then it was time to do what newly wed couples do.

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